What are pulses

What are pulses

Pulses are dried fruit of an entire category of plants who belong to the family of legumes (Leguminosae) and took their name from the characteristic lobe that protects the seed during its formation and maturation. It is one of the key ingredients of Greek Mediterranean diet, as also a memory of our childhood, because of the persistence of Greek mothers in the consumption of pulses from all family members.

Main categories of pulses in Greece:

  1. Dried beans
  2. Lentils
  3. Chickpeas
  4. Fava (Split peas)


The nutrients of pulses

Nutritionists have proven pulse’s value, as they are rich in nutrients that enhance the body, and help it to stimulate, they give energy and shield our health. More specific, they contain:

  • Iron: The key to be healthy and strong. Its absence from our body leads to iron deficiency with symptoms of fatigue, irritability, low concentration, etc.
  • Calcium: It is required for our bones, in order to grow normally and be in good condition. Children, pregnant women and women during menopause should take it systematically. Chickpeas and lentils are the richest sources of calcium as they contain 150mg and 130mg per 100g, respectively.
  • Dietary fiber: Pulses contain more fiber than any other food group, even from cereals. A diet rich in fiber helps in the elimination of excess fat, reduces the risk of heart disease and protect against bowel cancer .
  • Proteins: Legumes contain a large amount of vegetable protein, essential for the muscles and the whole body, especially after exercise and gymnastics.
  • Vitamins: Β, C and Ε
  • Complete absence of: fats, sugar and sodium (salt) that affect negatively the human body.


Pulses in Greece.

The Greek land, blessed with rich  soil nutrients, special microclimate, the Greek sun, the traditional methods of production, but mainly with the passion and love of its people, offers to all of us these unique in nutritional value goods, the Greek Pulses .

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