The Big Idea

The idea to create Greek Tastes 4 All Ltd arose from the needs and messages of our times. The difficult socio-economic situation of these recent years has led many Greeks to repeat the phenomenon of past decades, which is to migrate, not only for educational, but mainly for professional reasons, in several European and other countries of the world. Many of these people talked to us about how much they miss their homeland and about their longing and desire to return back to Greece as soon as possible, when the conditions are right and appropriate. 

Greeks who stay abroad, try to keep alive the bonds with their homeland by contacting other Greeks in nearby cities / countries, so as to create small communities that aim to keep the habits, customs and traditions in the country which they live. After all, food was always much more than a biological necessity for Greeks. It is a part of our culture, our tradition, a memory of our childhood. An image of the past, which consists of the family or good friends around a table full of Greek food, while talking, celebrating, grieving .........and approaching each other through the Greek flavors and aromas.

This is how Greek Tastes 4 All Ltd was created, due to our desire to give the ability to all Greeks abroad, to continue enjoying the rich resource of Greek land, with high quality products, at affordable prices, straight at their home, in whatever city or country they live, with safety and respect.


The action

In order to achieve the above, we established a team of qualified professionals, who conducted a long research, with strong believe and passion for our vision.
We traveled abroad and we discussed with many Greeks about their eating habits and nutritional needs. The key question was: What does the Greek menu include abroad? Another important part of the research was to view the status of foreign markets and the findings were: the difficult access to point of sales with authentic Greek products, as also the expensive selling prices in various local markets and the general absence of these products from the daily life of our compatriots.

The next step led us to many places in Greece, where we searched and found Greek producers who prepared for us, with love, respect and expertise, a range of unique products that meets the needs of modern Greeks, by keeping their traditions and customs. 

Traditional Greek goods are selected like, olive oil, honey, legumes, herbs, vegetables in brine etc., overflowing with flavors, smells and images of our country.

The final stage involves the creation of a supply chain, which in compliance with international safety and health regulations, it gathers all the selected products from various parts of Greece, it sends them in special storage and sorting centers abroad and through an extensive distribution network, it delivers them straight to the door of every Greek or friend of Greek flavors, who wishes to taste them.


The promise

To travel Greek Tastes everywhere 4 All!

To offer you the treasures of Greek land, by bringing high quality and nutritious products at the most competitive prices, right at your doorstep.

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