Greek Coffee Traditional Blend 200gr with Brass Boiling Pot '' Briki ''


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  • Nektar, Greek Coffee Traditional Blend 200gr with Brass Boiling pot ''Briki'':

    Fresh roasted Greek Coffee selected from the world’s finest varieties. Getting sealed in a protective atmosphere, just outside the roaster, guarantees perfect preservation of the unique flavour and aroma of our blend. In the eastern Mediterranean countries, a usual habit was flavouring the coffee with herbs or spices and offering it as a delightful drink to the guests.

    Since 1951, we keep the tradition, by following the old successful recipe in our production. We offer you a cup of freshly roasted Greek coffee with a rich taste, wonderful aroma that smells Greece.

    The package contains a handmade coffee pot, called ''briki''.This brass coffee pot allows the heat to be distributed slowly and evenly as our Greek coffee is brought to boil.

    Preparing tips:

    • For each cup, measure one demitasse cup of cold water into a briki.
    • Pour one teaspoonful of Greek coffee and sugar to taste. Stir well.
    • Slowly bring it all to a boil over medium heat.
    • The coffee is ready when the froth has risen right up to the brim.
    • Pour the coffee slowly into the cups, dividing the foam equally between each cup.

    Keep it in a cool and dry place. Maintaining the packaging airtightly closed after opening. Even in the fridge.

  • Features:
    • Carefully selected Dark coffee beans
    • 100 % Pure Freshly Ground and Roasted Coffee
    • Unique aroma
    • Rich taste
    • Air tightly packed
  • Fully conformed to HACCP ISO 22000  and ISO 9001 standards.
    1st Place in the Pan-Hellenic Coffee Championship 2012 hosted by HORECA expo, according to SCAE rules and the European standard

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