Greek Sweet Fruit Preserve in Syrup Sour Cherry 900gr Glass jar


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  • Sarantis, Greek Sweet Fruit Preserve in Syrup, Sour Cherry, Net weight 900gr, (Pack of 2 glass jars of 453gr each) :

    In Greece sour cherry is considered to be the king of spoon sweets, and we use it to garnish ice creams, creams, yogurts and cheesecakes.

    Sour cherries is a cherry variety, called ‘’Oxychymos’’ which produces sour fruits, the sour cherries. They contain large amounts of vitamin C and antioxidant polyphenols. Considered to be a particularly energizing fruit, beneficial for asthma, anemia and arthritis. Also suitable for those with cardiovascular problems, and contains substances that improve memory, eyesight and concentration.

    As a fruit is now scarce and only in July, which is its natural season, we may find it ripen, rich in flavor and aromas. In order to be able to enjoy it throughout the year, we apply old traditional recipes of Chios island and we offer you a wonderful spoon sweet that hides inside it all the memories of our grandmothers who were treating children, handmade sweets .  At the same time our experience and expertise ensures our high value, by applying all quality assurance protocols.

    Keep it in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening.

  • Essential Ingredients:

    • Sour Cherry 60%
    • Sugar 
    • Glucose syrup
    • Acidity regulator
  • The company applies management system of food safety by ELOT (Greek Organization for Standardization) in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008  and ISO 22000:2005 standards, for quality control.

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