Kataifi with Nuts and Syrup, Traditional Greek Handmade Pastry, Net Weight 1kg


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  • Kataifi with Nuts and Syrup, Traditional Greek Handmade Pastry, Net Weight 1kg, inox tray :

    Golden, crispy and amazingly moist! Kataifi is a delicious dessert which like baklava is very popular among Greek and Middle Eastern nations. An amazing dessert made with roughly chopped walnuts (and sometimes other nuts), scented with ground clove and cinnamon, wrapped into buttered cripsy kataifi dough and bathed in lemon scented syrup.. Simply amazing!.

    The key for the most flavourful homemade Kataifi is to use good quality fresh butter for buttering. The authentic Greek Kataifi recipe calls for 'galaktos' butter made from cow's milk, which really gives a unique flavour and amazing smell! Crispy Kataifi and right syrup-ing go together!

    Some Kataifi contains walnuts. Other variations include pistachios, pine nuts, almonds, or other nuts common to the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Chocolate is a delicious addition also.

    In many countries, Kataifi is an excellent compliment to coffee. Kataifi is used in weddings, family get-togethers, and various other feasts and celebrations. We are glad to fill your Kataifi order quickly and efficiently.

  • Ingredients:

    • Always on the basis of quality and respect for the consumer, we select top quality materials such as crust leaf, fresh butter, nuts and more. Products with high nutritional value, suitable for Vegetarians.
  • The company applies Integrated Management System for quality certified production, of ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 22000: 2005.

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