The risks from not having breakfast meal

The risks from not having breakfast meal !!

Professor of Preventive Medicine and Nutrition in the University of Crete, in Greece,  Mr. A. Kafatos stresses that the consequences to children not having breakfast are:

  1. The energy and nutrients lost, are usually not replenished from other meals during the day, resulting in insufficient development of the child.
  2. The deficiency of nutrients for the functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system leads to impaired cognitive function and poor school performance, and also to decreased performance in physical exercise.
  3. The chances of developing type 2 diabetes, future hypertension and elevated blood cholesterol increase.
  4. The risk for obesity increases (proven by scientific facts) because of eating food with high caloric density (croissant, chips, donuts, cookies, etc.) during breaks at school, but also because of excessive amounts of food at other meals, especially at night.

You may wake up the child a little earlier in the morning so that he has time to eat a good breakfast, on its’ own pace. You can also try different kinds of healthy breakfast meals, in order the child to choose which one suits him best.

Our traditional Greek jams, will be a very tasty and nutritious proposal for your breakfast meal!!

Greek jams

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