Tahini : tasty, nutritious and necessary !!!

May 16, 2016

This is a unique food choice, basic in the Greek Mediterranean Diet which, although it may costs a little bit more ... in calories, however , perhaps it one of the most beneficial foods for the good health of our body.

Tahini is a completely natural product , derived from highly selected sesame seeds . These seeds are then reprocessed by peeling and drying and then pulped , creating a greasy cream, which we all know as tahini . Its' name comes from the Turkish language , which literally means " the pulp of sesame ."


Precious ingredients : 
This is a nutritional treasure, as tahini contains numerous nutrients, valuable to human health. More specifically , it is rich in proteins , vitamins (E, B1 , B2 , niacin , etc. , amino acids and carbohydrates. Rarely, just a single food manages to combine all of these components , which are necessary for the proper functionality of the body and therefore , many believe , that tahini is a super - food.


Its benefits ?
Tahini is rich in calcium , thus preventing osteoporosis , potassium and zinc to boost the immune system , manganese and selenium with strong antioxidant action which fight free radicals , copper to strengthen the joints , iron to stimulate the body and fight anemia , amino acids that contribute to proper kidney function and liver, as well as phosphorus and magnesium activily taking care ofheadache or chronic migraines .
Carbohydrates containing in tahini normalize the gastrointestinal system , the Omega-6 fats lower cholesterol, while vitamin E it contains, protects the body from aging. Furthermore , in surveys that have been conducted , it was found that tahini has anticancer activity and may act to inhibit Alzheimer's, diseases of the heart , cataracts and diabetes .


Ways of cooking :
It is a very common ingredient for both culinary and pastry . It is however, the main ingredient of halva, also used in pies , cakes or cookies .
Several , use tahini instead of sugar although each tablespoon has more calories than sugar - however, preferred because of its' nutrients . There are also many people who tend to add tahini in their drinks , eg coffee or tea ! 


For whom is it appropriate?
For everybody, with no exeption . But even more for children, who, usually, do not face weight problems and they can consume it without fear even with great frequency. For or grown ups , the Tahini is an essential dietary component as it ensures good health . However, adults should consume sparingly as the calorific value is large and thus they may lose control of their weight with frequent consumption .