Need for a delicious and nutritious delicacy?? Halva !!

If you haven’t tried it yet or you didn’t included in your diet, we think it's time to discover its tasty and nutritionally aspects. We are talking about halva. A selection which fascinates children and adults, either as a treat, or as a dessert.

With intense presence in the Mediterranean countries and on the East, in Greece it is found in three delicious versions as “sisamenios” (made from sesame), with semolina and finally the famous halva of Farsala. These three versions are distinguished both in taste, and on their preparation ingredients.

The nutritional value of halva

The sisamenios halva, based on the valuable nutritional sesame, offers significant components to the body that contribute to good health in the most natural way. Such is the Macedonian Halva . Prepared from the tahini, which in its turn is made from mashed sesame and is a highly nutritional food. The fact that halva is composed by 60% of tahini, results in the beneficial properties of the grain being transferred in the sweet.
This pure traditional food has all the ingredients and beneficial properties of sesame and in the frame of a balanced diet, provides:

Good quality of proteins that help to the smooth growth of the organization.
Iron, calcium and other valuable minerals and trace elements that serve the proper metabolic functioning and strengthen the bones.
Good Polyunsaturated fats which help to improve cardiac function and blood vessels.
Natural Antioxidants and vitamin E which help fight free radicals that accelerate skin aging.
Vitamins that help in completing the daily diet.
Additionally, several studies have demonstrated some even more important advantages of halva on human health such as its’ antihypertensive and anti-aging capacity and its’ contribution to addressing cholesterol, better immune function, prevention of cataracts and diabetes

The tasty choices

Now market offers several tasty combinations such as halva with vanilla, cocoa or mixed (half vanilla and half with cocoa), halva with almonds, with honey, with chocolate, with nuts or raisins etc.
We can also include into our daily diet, nutritious and hearty snacks with halva, that we can easily and quickly create, with healthy ingredients of our choice enjoying every time different nutrients.
The combination of halva’s significant ingredients with fresh or dried fruit, wholemeal bread, etc., are, within the framework of a balanced diet, the ideal solution to naturally strengthen and enhance the organization in the office or at home, at breakfast, in the afternoon before the gym or even at bedtime.

So start now your diet with traditional Greek halva and combine perfectly, tasty customs and traditions with important health nutrients.

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