Foods that relax our body

Foods that relax our body

Summer vacations: Beyond being a fun period in some Greek island, it is the ideal time to expel the stress and tension of our normal working days  from our body  in order to return refreshed to our work and responsibilities. But there is something extra which would constantly provide all the benefits of vacations in our body, and not just only for a few days a year. And this is : the right food. A healthy and balanced meal can also be "relaxing"!!  Some nutrients found in various foods we eat, have the ability of refreshing our mood and reduce fatigue. So, what can we integrate to our menu ???


Seafood: Because of their content of omega-3 fatty acids, fishes appears to contribute to good brain health, better memory function and mood improvement! Be sure to include at least 2 servings in your weekly menu. Either at home or in a Greek sea tavern, choose grilled fish such as sardines, mackerel, salmon and tuna, in order to "empower" your body and spirit.


Honey: Accompany your snacks like yogurt, fruits or toasts  with a spoonful of honey. Honey contains simple carbohydrates, which are an immediate source of energy for the body and the main "fuel" of the brain. But be sure to consume it in moderation as it contains lots of calories.


Fruits and vegetables: The antioxidants ingredients contained in fruit and vegetables, act protectively against oxidative stress in our body and invigorate a smoother functioning all the cells. Vitamin C (strawberries, kiwi, arugula, broccoli, potatoes) and E (asparagus, spinach, lettuce) seem to have stronger antioxidant activity. So include colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet to get a variety of antioxidants and nutrients.


Coffee: The caffeine contained is considered to be a natural stimulant. Moderate consumption can help to reduce the symptoms of fatigue. Apart from that, it has excellent taste, especially the Greek coffee.


Tahini: This is a nutritional treasure as it contains many nutrients valuable to human health. Rich in proteins, vitamins (E, B1, B2), amino acids and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates contained normalize the gastrointestinal system, its' Omega-6 fats reduce cholesterol, while vitamin E, which tahini also contains, protects the body from aging. It is the main ingredient of the Greek Macedonian halva and it is also used in pies, cakes or cookies.

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