Honey: myths and truths

Honey :

The golden thick liquid that we enjoy in our breakfast or as an accompaniment of yoghurt or sweets, accompanied by many myths and even more truths. Let's put, things in the right place.


Honey fattens

Myth: Honey has unfairly blamed  that fattens. If our lifestyle is normal and  includes exercise, then there is no reason to fear for the few extra pounds we get from the consumption of honey.


It is better to consume the honey plain

Truth : Many people believe that a slice of bread with butter and honey is the ideal breakfast. And while it may be rich in nutrients, it is better to consume the honey plain (eg half a spoonful every 1-2 days) for faster absorption by the body.


We better eat the honey at night

Myth: Honey is a prime tonic substance for the human body. For this reason the ideal time its consumption is in the morning or early in the afternoon (at 18:00) so that our bodies receive the energy required to meet its demands of the rest of the day.


Honey is highly nutritional food

Truth :  Rich in sugar content that stimulates the body, honey ranked among the strong nutritional values. In addition to the sugar it contains, helps in absorption of calcium and in general facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients of the organization.


The benefits of honey are just nutritional

Myth: Honey beyond its valuable nutritional properties, is famous for its healing effect. As the best natural remedy for quick healing for wounds and burns, honey is often used as an ingredient healing ointments.

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