Tips for Christmas and new year's Mediterranean diet.

Tips for Christmas and new year's Mediterranean diet.

A question that torments all of us as the Christmas holidays are approaching is whether we can keep our body weight stable and how we can avoid the case of extra pounds that we will acquire after them.

christmas dinner table

To be able to keep our weight stable during the holidays but also not put on extra pounds, first, you should:

1) We plan our meals. We make sure to have frequent and small meals during the day. The three main ones are breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we have one or two meals in between. In short, we are looking to maintain our eating routine.

2) Try in moderation! How can this happen? In order not to deprive ourselves of the opportunity to try everything at the festive table where we are, but also to not snack left and right, we put a meter. So, on a plate, we set aside the salad we will choose and put a small amount of all the dishes on the table that we like. So we don't deprive ourselves of trying all of these.
fruits vegetables

3) We remember to eat fruits ! As strange as it may sound, it is better to eat fruit first and then a dessert. Why; Because our body will have received the nutrients offered by the fruit, and then a command will have come to the brain that we have eaten so that we consume less sugar. Also, fruits and vegetables have a protective effect while consuming foods high in saturated fat.

4) The Mediterranean diet typically includes more fish and less meat. Going for fish, beans and pulses is a good way to increase your protein.


5) We are careful about the consumption of alcohol. So this year, we are looking at the festive table to have one, maybe two glasses of wine at the most or at least try to limit the situation. Don't forget that alcohol has too many calories and alcoholic drinks in general. The measure is perfect, as the ancients Greeks used to say.

6) We remember to consume water. Many times, being dehydrated from the alcohol of the previous days and sometimes forgetting to drink water, we feel that we are hungry, but in reality, we are thirsty. Therefore, we hydrate our bodies with water as much as possible.

However, for those who cook for the festive table, it would be good to pay attention to some things. It would be essential to use pure materials from the Greek Mediterranean nature as much as possible and remember that Greece offers the majority of grocery products that the Mediterranean diet is mainly based. We avoid using the pan as much as we can and try to limit ourselves to using the pot and the oven. Instead of butter, it would be good to use Greek extra virgin olive oil towards the end of preparing our meals. We avoid buying packaged foods as much as possible, as it would be good to bring to mind memories of our family's customs and traditions by making traditional recipes.

family dinner table

Finally, we look to accompany our meals with either boiled or raw vegetables, even baked ones. As for the consumption of sweets during the holidays, we try to have a measure or to replace them with seasonal fruits, either raw or dried, so that we will impress both the guests and our scales!


For all of us in Greek Tastes 4 All Ltd, we wish you happy holidays with health and lots of love. Don't forget to love your body, as it will be your home for the rest of your lives!!!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


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