This is what happens to our body, when we miss our morning coffee !!

This is what happens to our body, when we miss our morning coffee

We all enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning, just to ‘’wake up’’. But, what happens if we skip it?

The various effects that this deprivation cause, are not just a theory but a proven fact, according to Michel Kuhar professor of neuropharmacology at the Emory University in Atlanta, USA

As the specialist reports, coffee due to the caffeine that contains, offers invigoration and enhances the levels of alertness while at the same it time provides a feeling of euphoria. When our body is used to caffeine and suddenly is deprived, drop in energy levels occurs as well as nervousness and bad mood.

Abstinence from coffee consumption can possibly cause headaches or a fall in blood pressure .   According to John Hopkins University’s study, caffeine’s deprivation causes to some people symptoms similar to flu, such as nausea, vomiting and muscle aches.

"What actually happens is that the body goes through a withdrawal syndrome," professor Kuhar explains. Although caffeine does not lead to a serious dependence, when the consumption is systematic our body is accustomed to it, and "learns" to look for it.

Greek Coffee Traditional Blend 250gr with a Boiling Pot '' BRIKI''

A delicious proposal, in order to avoid the above effects and enjoy a traditional favour is the Greek Coffee.  It is a thick, strong, black coffee prepared in a special small pot called  "briki" and is served with a unique foam on top and the grounds in the bottom of a small cup. The small size of the cup does not imply that the coffee is meant to be drunk like a shot as espresso. Instead it is meant to be sipped slowly, fitting perfectly with the Greek coffee culture.

Drinking coffee in Greece is not just a habit. It is a daily ritual that you can enjoy alone in the morning, when you wake up, while you read a newspaper or with friends in a busy cafe. Coffee breaks in Greece are serious isues and last long. Some of the best ideas were born over a table with some cups of coffee, some friends or colleagues and brainstorming. When someone wants to ask another one out, says :  "Would you like to go out for a coffee with me?". Sharing a cup of coffee can be a pastime for friends and a pretext for flirting, catching up on the day's news or even playing chess and backgammon.

Greek Coffee Traditional Blend

So….treat yourself with a nice cup of Greek Coffee, feel its amazing taste and gain all the reinforcing benefits that will offer for your day needs.

Stin igia sas!!

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