Olive oil : the secret of good health

Olive oil : the secret of good health

The natural juice of olive is an elixir of health and longevity.
With its ideal chemical composure and without extracts, is gifting over centuries to Greece and other Mediterranean countries with health and longevity.

Olive oil was the main fatty substance in their daily diet; its nutrition and biological values are of great importance for human. For this reason, the olive oil is included in the list of the 10 most beneficial kinds of diet.

Natural anti-oxides: Besides the fatty substances, olive oil has small quantities of other elements - responsible for its beneficial qualities – such as vitamins and pro-vitamins (A and E), metals like selenium and a whole heterogenic form of mainly (poly) – fenolic  substances, known as anti-oxides.

Olive oil and peptic system: Olive oil is the most bearable fatty substance to the human stomach, in comparison to other fatty substances. It has the best peptic indicator and it’s highly absorbed by the intestinal inner surface .It helps to the reduction of gastric fluids and the digestion of the nutrition facts.

Olive oil and bile: In 1932 Chinarys proved that olive oil is not able to eliminate but can act helpfully in the procedure of bile’s discharge. For this reason he recommends the patients suffering from bile and stomach aches  to consume 1-2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil with few drops of lemon, every morning for 10 days, monthly.

Olive oil and skin: Olive oil protects the skin from the sun radiation and the sun burns.

Olive oil and cancer: Recent study of Dr D. Trichopoulos  of  School of Public Health - Harvard University, shown that women who consume olive oil daily , more than one time have 25% less chances to show breast  cancer, in comparison to the ones that rarely consume olive oil.

For example, in the Mediterranean area where we have a great consumption of olive oil  we do not meet so many cases of breast or ovaries cancer.

Olive oil – cholesterol and heart diseases: The diet model of the habitants of the Mediterannean  and Cretans especially, includes plenty carbohydrates , fruits and vegetables , little meat  and plenty dairy products, many legumes, medium quantity of fish and  much of extra virgin olive oil. Some researchers added the red wine, although there weren’t few who claimed that Mediterranean's climate  as well as the local cultural and philosophical convictions have a great part. Olive oil is one of the most important monounsaturated fats that increases the "good" (HDL) cholesterol and reduces the "bad" (LDL), fixing a balanced system of lipids in blood. So, it destroys the formation of fat "tiles" at the inner surface of arteries, that can be developed to throbs and cause heart attacks.

Olive oil and childhood: The nutrition is a very important issue especially for babies and children. Olive oil in the daily diet of children helps the  brain and skeleton  to develop.

Olive oil and skeleton : In 1980 Laval – Jeantet and his collaborates announced a very interesting study about the lipids role to the development of the human skeleton . The lipids  enrich the bones with metallic elements and assist in the maintenance of bone thickness.

Olive oil and sports: Lipids and hydrocarbons are two of the main nutrition substances  that have the basic chemical energy necessary for every activity of the body.

Olive oil and diabetes: Recent clinical studies shown that olive oil keeps the diabetes at low levels, especially for the no
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