Greek Sweet Fruit Preserve in Syrup Walnut 900gr Glass jar


  • Sarantis, Greek Sweet Fruit Preserve in Syrup, Walnut, Net weight 900gr (2 glass jars of 453gr Net Weight each):

    Walnut is of the finest spoon sweets. Closely connected with the memories of our childhood, where walnut trees dominated in every house’s courtyard in Greece and the abundance of fruit lead our grandmothers and our mothers, to offer it to us in its most delicious form. 

    Sweet walnut is deing made during spring when walnuts are still tender. We have to cut the walnuts from mid May to early June , before they get ripen and their external part starts to get harden and later becomes walnut’s shell.

    Walnuts, as nuts, despite the amount of calories contained (a handful of  walnuts, about 30 gr., contains 196 calories), have been proven to have very high nutritional value, as many surveys have shown. It is rich in fiber (2 g. / 30 g.), minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, copper) and vitamins (B6, E). In fact, a handful of walnuts contains Vitamin C as much as half a cup of olive oil. Finally, it doesn’t have cholesterol, it is rich in sterols, also contains high amounts of monounsaturated (2.6 g. / 30 gr.) and polyunsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (14 g. / 30 gr.) a fact  that make them rich in antioxidants. They add value to the Mediterranean diet which offers so much to our health.

    The recipe of sweet walnut is based on the love and affection of the inhabitants of the Chios Island, who generously offer to everyone the benefits of this nutrient and delicious fruit with its great taste and unique flavors.

    Our traditional Greek spoon sweets walnut that we recommend, will become the most cherished choice for you and your beloved.

    Keep it in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening.

  • Essential Ingredients:

    • Walnut 50%
    • Sugar 
    • Glucose syrup
    • Acidity regulator
  • The company applies management system of food safety by ELOT (Greek Organization for Standardization) in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008  and ISO 22000:2005 standards, for quality control.

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