Greek BBQ Marinade Sauce, with Honey, Olive Oil, Spice Mix and Smoked Paprika. 500g

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  • Greek BBQ Marinade Sauce, with Honey, Olive Oil, Spice Mix, and Smoked Paprika. Ideal for Chicken and red Meats. Rich Flavour & high Nutritional Value, No preservatives. Net weight 500g (pack of 5x100g).:

    Marinating is a process of applying on meats a seasoned liquid, called a marinade, before cooking. Marinades often use an acid (like vinegar or citrus/lemon juice) and fat (olive oil) to enhance flavours and change surface texture. The acid in a marinade causes the meat’s tissue to weaken on the surface but must be used minimally and not for extended periods of time. Otherwise, the meat will become mushy, tough, and dry. A successful marinade has the right balance of acid, oil, and seasonings. The traditional Greek ingredients contained in this semi-liquid marinade are : honey, olive oil, spice mix, and smoked paprika.

    Ideal to give intense flavour and aroma to baked or grilled meats (preferred for chicken and red meats). Makes the meat tender, juicy, and delicious! Each package of 100g, contains the recommended amount for 1 kg of meat. Sealed in a protective atmosphere, guarantees the perfect preservation of the taste and the unique aroma of our blend. Click-to-Close technology for simple and secure re-sealing to preserve the Greek raw ingredients. There’s no easier way to make your everyday food sparkle a little brighter and taste a little bolder than by using our Greek BBQ marinade sauce.

    By adding marinade to meat, it will only penetrate so far into the surface of the meat, millimeters at best. It’s a technique that works well with thinner, flat cuts or pieces of meat that have been cut into cubes or slices. When you make a marinade out of honey or olive oil, for example, honey or oil will remain on the outside of the meat, but the salt in it can penetrate a bit deeper into the interior.

    There are so many benefits of marinating meat. Texture: When you marinate, flank steak can melt in your mouth, and a grilled chicken breast is the juiciest thing in the world. Marinades soften leaner meats that tend to be dry and make tougher cuts tastier. Taste/Flavour: Certain ingredients like olive oil and salt penetrate beyond the surface of the meat and adding a whole new level of deliciousness to what you’re cooking. Moisture/Tenderness: Similar to brining, marinating is an effective way to introduce extra moisture into meat that can get too dry when cooked, as well as making what you marinate more tender. You may know that bringing relies on salt to do its work, but a marinade is so much more than that, using acid, fat, seasonings, herbs, spices, sugar, and salt to not only tenderize but enhance the flavour of the food you cook.

    Instructions: Keep it in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening. Marinate the meat by spreading the marinade over its entire surface and pressing lightly. Leave the meat to marinate for at least 3 hours in the refrigerator. Bake it and leave it covered for at least fifteen minutes after baking to absorb its liquids before serving.

  • Ingredients :

      • Honey (40%), 
      • Virgin Olive Oil (22%),
      • Sunflower Oil (20%)
      • Salt (10%),
      • Grape Vinegar (3%),
      • Seasonings (5%) : Dehydrated tomato, red pepper, garlic, smoked paprika, 
      • Herbs,
      • Spice extract.
  • Does NOT contain monosodium glutamate, preservatives, or artificial colors. The company applies system management of food safety by ISO 22000:2005 of International Organization for Standardization.

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