Greek 100% Natural Green Sour Apple Fruit Juice, Net weight 1.5 Lt.


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  • Greek Natural Green Sour Apple Juice 100%, Net weight 1,5 Lt (2 x 500ml). Loaded with Important Nutrients, No Preservatives, No Sugar Added. :

    Greek Natural Green Sour Apple Fruit Juice 100%, Net weight 1,5 lt In a juice bag with a double-fold bottom with a pocket liquid spout for liquid juice. 1500ml for 15 Servings of your 100ml recommended serving, perfect for sharing with friends and family.

    Serraia brings you our Fresh 100% Natural Green Apple Juice, grown and made the Greek way, you can rest assured this is the freshest juice available. We’ve tasted it ourselves for generations so, we know it’s the best. You could be asking yourself, what is it about our product that is different? What makes it taste so great? Well, we are more than happy to share our secrets with you. The secret is the simplicity of the process, 100% organic ingredients, No Additives, No preservatives. Nothing more, Nothing less. The Age-old saying of “An Apple a day, keeps the Doctor away” has some meaning, Apples have featured throughout balanced diets for centuries. So by consuming more of them in your diet you really are saving yourself a trip to the Doctors office.

    This juice is best consumed as part of a balanced diet, you can drink it carefree knowing that it’s one of your 5-a-day. Apple Juice is well known for its health benefits such as being high in water as well as fibre supports healthy weight loss. Did you know that Green apple juice specifically, is a fantastic source of Hydration, with it being over 80% water it means you’re getting the best bits with a sour bite of Green apple. Green Apples are High in Pectin which is one of the best natural sources of fibre that the body takes in. Full of nutrients, and abundant in Vitamins C & K. It is a power-packed juice for anyone who wants to live an active and healthy life.

    Processed From Greek Green Sour Apples: Serraia’s juice is 100% extract of sour apples. It contains only the fruit and the natural sugar that is present in it. Serraia sources its delicious apples from the Greek countryside where sun-warmed orchards produce exceptional fruits. The fruits are harvested when ripe and then squeezed to obtain the delicious and healthy juice.

    This is a 100% pure unrefined green sour apple juice that preserves all the flavour and nutritional qualities of the fruit. 1500ml for 15 Servings of your 100ml recommended serving, perfect for sharing with friends and family. Served alone, or diluted, or incorporated into sweet dishes and puddings, this is a delicious and healthy drink. It doesn't take much to incorporate apple juice into your diet—just reach for a glass.

  • Ingredients: 100% pure unrefined Greek Green Sour Apple juice.  No Preservatives, no artificial flavour, no added sugar. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, Paleo, Gluten Free, Mediterranean Diet Food: This is a plant-based product and contains no gluten or animal products. It is ideal for people who follow vegan and paleo diets and make the perfect food option for people who follow the fresh wholesome Mediterranean diet.

  • Chemical and Additives Free. Pure Apple Juice: Serraia juices contain no additives, preservatives, colour, or taste enhancers. The company applies HACCP and ISO certified management systems of food safety with the highest quality controls.

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