Greek Lentils Salad, Traditional Legumes Variety 1,5kg.


  • Greek Thin Lentils, Traditional Legumes Variety 1.5kg, ( Pack of 3 Bags of 500g Each) : 

    Greece is famous for its pulses which represent a product of an exceptional taste and nutritional value. Nowadays, the nutritional value of legumes is recognized internationally, as they are an essential part of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid. For vegetarians and those trying to reduce intake of animal foods, beans provide a protein-rich, low-fat alternative to meat.

    Greek Lentils Salad, a delicious combination of 6 different varieties of high-quality Greek Lentils and Peas (Medium Lentils, Thin Lentils, Red Lentils, Black Lentils, Green Peas, Split Peas) is a very good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber. Not only do lentils help lower cholesterol, they are of special benefit in managing blood-sugar disorders since their high fiber content prevents blood sugar levels from rising rapidly after a meal. But this is far from all lentils have to offer. Greek Lentils also provide good to excellent amounts of seven important minerals, our B-vitamins, iron, and protein—all with virtually no fat. The calorie cost of all this nutrition? Just 230 calories for a whole cup of cooked lentils. This tiny nutritional giant fills you up—not out.

    Lentils can be prepared on the day of serving since they do not need to be presoaked. Before washing lentils you should spread them out on a light-colored plate or cooking surface to check for, and remove, small stones or debris. After this process, place the lentils in a strainer and rinse them thoroughly under cool running water. They are also easy to boil. You can enjoy them as a soup and as a cold salad with vegetables and tuna. Once you have mashed the lentils, you can serve them as a dip or even as a side dish with meat or fish but always framed with Greek Olive Oil. Lentils are great in risottos as well.

    Try our pure Greek pulses and offer an amazing dish to yourself and to your loved ones!!

    Storage Instructions: Keep it in a cool and dry place. 

  • Ingredients :

      • Medium Lentils, Thin Lentils, Red Lentils, Black Lentils, Green Peas, Split Peas.
  • Cultivation under the Integrated Management Crop system ISO 22000:2005 and AGRO 2-1, AGRO 2-2 certified. Cultivation area: Larisa, from rich plains of Thessaly region in Central Greece.

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