Organic (Bio) Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil 500ml ceramic bottle


  • Grelia, Organic (Bio) Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil, 500 ml, ceramic bottle:

    As Solon (ancient Athens   638-558 BC) said: ‘’The greatest boon in life is the healing power of the olive  fruit’’. This is our proposal to initiate you into the benefits of the Greek Mediterranean diet based on a superior category certified organic extra virgin olive oil from Greece, produced from the excellent Cretan premium olives variety. Our production comes from the mountains of South Creta. Acidity: 0,3% max. The olives are collected from a strictly limited amount of selected organic olive trees.  The ”cold extraction” technique operated by traditional mechanical means only, maintains and preserves the natural substances of the olives, ensuring the excellent quality of our olive oil. Our olive oil is delicious, with high nutritional value which improves the health level of the human body. Cretan olives have a mild flavour and produce a golden texture oil which everybody loves for its amazing flavour that characterizes it and gives a great taste to food.

    Our Greek Cretan certified organic extra virgin olive oil will be the essence that will bring out the flavour of every meal, offering pleasure to you and your beloved.

  • Exclusively produced from the prime olive variety ‘’ Koroneiki’’ 

    Nutritional values (per 100ml):

      • Energy: 3700Kj /896 kcal
      • Proteins: 0gr
      • Total Carbohydrate: 0gr
      • Acids: 0,5gr
      • Saturated fats: 15gr
      • Mono unsaturated fats: 100gr
      • Polysaturates: 7gr
      • Cholesterol: 0mg
      • Dietary fibres: 0mg
      • Sodium: 0mg
  • Our olive oil is certified by DIO, the Inspection and Certification of Organic Products Organizationand all our products are ISO 9001:2008 certified, tested with very high standards.

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