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  • Greek Black Raisins Olives, Key in The Mediterranean Diet, Loaded with Important Nutrients and Antioxidants, No Preservatives, 1kg Vacuum-Sealed :  

    Black Raisins Olives ripen while still on the tree, they have a bittersweet taste and can be eaten straight from the tree. The olives are picked when ripe and black in colour, they are washed in mountain spring water. Following a fine selection process whereby the best olives are selected, the olives are then layered in large tanks with untreated Sea salt which enables the water and bitter taste to be drawn out. Olives absorb water and if there is salt in that water they will absorb that too. In this traditional process, the water that the olives naturally release is drained, which means the olives are not sitting in their own water, therefore not absorbing the water or excess salt, yielding an olive with minimum salt and excess taste. The olives are then rinsed in spring water again before being lightly coated in cold pressed olive oil and packed in bags for minimum postage costs.

    These olives are blacker than black and meaty in texture these olives are very rich in olive oil, the richest of all the olives produced in Greece. A key element of the Mediterranean diet. The main ingredients of the olive flesh are: water, oil, sugars, proteins, organic acids, minerals, etc. Olives have 10 times more antioxidants than olive oil. They contain significant amounts of vitamins A and E, which together contribute to the good health of the skin. It is rich in phenolic compounds, that help for the proper functioning of our body, and trace elements such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium.

    Throw them into a traditional salad, add to a pasta dish, or enjoy them on their own as a snack...Raisins Olives are one healthy Greek treat that will never go out of style.

    Reserved up to 30 days after opening in the fridge, if placed in a liquid mixture of olive oil and vinegar, retaining its excellent taste and high nutritional value. Decreasing saltiness from olives : soak them for 2 hours in a bowl of freshwater. Then replace the water with clean water, and let them soak for two hours more.

  • Ingredients:
      • Black Raisins olives (Size of olives : Colossal premium. Each bag contains 130 unpitted olives approx.) 
      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
      • Salt
  • The company applies system management of food safety by ISO 22000:2005 of International Organization for Standardization QMSCERT.

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