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We offer the treasures of the Greek land by bringing products of exceptional quality and high nutritional value at the most competitive prices, fast, right at your door in the UK.
Our vision is to offer to all Greeks abroad, wherever they are, and to all people who want to experience the tastes and sense of our homeland.

Wide selection of authentic traditional Greek grocery food products, such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olives, Honey, Halva, Baklava and other syrupy sweets, Legumes with Pulses and Rice, Coffee, Natural Fruit Juices, Herbs & Spices, Bakey, Tahini, etc.

We have known for some time that people living in Greece and countries along the Mediterranean appear to have less heart disease than those in the UK and northern Europe. Health professionals now believe that this may be partly due to the foods that make up the traditional Greek Mediterranean way of eating. Basing your diet on the foods people eat in the Mediterranean via our traditional Greek products is a great way to look after your heart and health.

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