Greek Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil Traditional Flavour Net Weight 600gr


  • Nestos, Greek Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil, Traditional Flavour, Net Weight 700gr (Pack of 2 glass jars of 300gr each):

    The need to preserve tomatoes for a longer period, even in the winter time, that tomatoes don't grow naturally, led to the discovery of the technique for the production of sun dried tomatoes.

    In this way, tomato remained under the Greek sun for one week, losing over 90% of its moisture. At the same time by using this natural and traditional of drying, it keeps all of its rich nutritional elements such as antioxidants and vitamin C, and its excellent taste.

    Top quality Greek tender, Big Tomatos, tasty and on the right red colour. Their rich tomato flavour and soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture makes these sundried tomatoes a must for all summer Salads, Pasta or on Meat and Poultry recipes.

    Our Macedonian Greek Sun Dried Tomatos, is a wonderful ingredient for your cooking, perfect for adding it in your salads and your cooked meals, but it also is an excellent Greek appetizer (meze) , that can be wonderfully combined with olive oil, oregano and garlic.

    Keep it in a cool and dry place. Keep refrigerated after opening.

  • Ingredients:

    • Greek Sun Dried Tomatoes,
    • Olive Oil,
    • Sunflower Oil,
    • Seasalt,
    • Wine Vinegar,
    • Herbs & Spices (Oregano , Parslay)
    • Pasteurized product.


    Composition per 100 g. :

    • Calories 118 kcal
    • Fat 7.5 g.
    • Proteins 3 g.
    • Carbohydrates 12.5g.
    • Salt 0.5g
    • Sodium 90,9 mg
    • Potassium 43 mg
    • Iron 0,5 mg
    • Calcium 14 mg
    • Phosphorus 23 mg
  • Certified by ISO 22000 and HACCP Quality Assurance.

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