Greek Traditional Tomato Sauce with Sweet Red Wine (Mavrodafni) and Olive Oil Net Weight 560g

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  • Greek Traditional Tomato Sauce with Sweet Red Wine (Mavrodafni) and Olive Oil, Net Weight 560g, ( Pack of 2 Glass Jars of 280g each ) : 

    Our Greek Tomato & Sweet Red Wine is not only a customer favourite, it’s a Great Taste Awards winner! Made in traditional Greek style with extra virgin olive oil, spices and no artificial preservatives, this rich sauce turns an otherwise bland meal into a tasty, nutritional dish. Quick and easy to prepare, the delicious combination of tomato and garlic is a timeless classic designed to really pack a punch.

    Tomatoes are a huge part of the Mediterranean diet, and for good reason: Rich in antioxidants and lycopene, they support bone and heart health. And, since they contain anti-inflammatory nutrients, tomatoes also help protect against cancer and other diseases.

    Made with Mavrodafni (black laurel), a traditional Greek sweet red wine made from black grapes offers a rich and seductive sweetness. This wine, traditionally from Patra in western Greece, is made with pride and enjoyed by Greeks for many a year. With 21% Sweet Red Wine, the flavour of our sauce is intensely mind blowing.

    This much-loved fusion of the two ingredients gives you the uniquely powerful taste of garlic mellowed by succulent tomatoes, along with a multitude of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. Incorporating tomato and sweet red wine into your everyday eating habits is not only an easy way of getting instant flavour, it can benefit your health and well being in many ways.

    Ready for enjoyment with just a twist of the lid… try it with beef, red & white meats, poultry; as a dressing, a dip, a condiment, on bruschetta, pizza… or with the spoon for a traditional taste of the Mediterranean.


    Storage Instructions: Keep it in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening & consume within 8-10 days.

  • Ingredients :

      • Selected Tomatoes 65%,
      • Sweet Red Wine (Mavrodafni) 21%,
      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
      • Sugar,
      • Salt,
      • Onion,
      • Pepper,
      • Spices.
  • Our Tomato & Sweet Red Wine Sauce is a Great Taste Award Winner 2013 !! The company applies system management of food safety with the highest quality controls.