Greek Traditional Tomato Sauce with Feta (White) Cheese and Olive Oil Net Weight 560g

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  • Greek Traditional Tomato Sauce with Feta (White) Cheese and Olive Oil, Net Weight 560g, ( Pack of 2 Glass Jars of 280g each ) : 

    Our traditional Tomato & Feta (White) Cheese Sauce combines two of the Greece’s most nutritious and flavoursome foods in one convenient recipe. Used in abundance within the Mediterranean diet, tomatoes and cheese are blended to bring added zest to any meal. Not to mention they are both full of health benefits!

    Feta (white) cheese has been documented as a cheese made from the years of the Byzantine era. It has been long perfected and is enjoyed by Greeks since then and now the world over. Feta is the ethnic cheese of Greece, the cured wonder.It is made from a combination of milks (milk from sheep and goat), a Protected Designation of Origin product, produced exclusively in our country, Greece. This rich sauce is truly unique. Made with 18% feta cheese which combines magnificently with the sun kissed tomatoes to give a rich tasting and creamy textured sauce.

    Tomatoes also contain antioxidant nutrients in addition to a range of vitamins that aid cardiovascular health and the immune system. Our Greek Tomato & Feta (white) cheese Sauce also contains heart healthy extra virgin olive oil and no artificial ingredients or additives. 

    This sauce gives a traditional flavour of Greece with the tomato and the ethnic cheese which we all enjoy when in a Greek salad, now we can enjoy the combination with this sensational sauce. Add it to meat and fish dishes, casseroles and soups, or enjoy as a pasta sauce. You can even try it as a tasty dip for chips and crisps. Adding traditional Tomato & Feta (white) Cheese Sauce to your diet allows you to enjoy both the flavours and the health benefits that are typical of a fresh, Mediterranean diet.

    Storage Instructions: Keep it in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening & consume within 8-10 days.

  • Ingredients :

      • Selected Tomatoes 65%,
      • Feta White Cheese 18%,
      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
      • Sugar,
      • Salt,
      • Onion,
      • Pepper,
      • Spices.
  • The company applies system management of food safety with the highest quality controls.