Greek traditional Rusks from Crete with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Feta Cheese PDO and Sundried Tomato

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  • Greek traditional Rusks from Crete with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Feta cheese PDO and Sundried Tomato, Net Weight 400g, Carton Boxes :

    The Cretan Rusk history begins in the 16th century. Rusks were widely used instead of bread as they could be preserved for a longer period of time and they were given to farmers, sailors and shepherds. So the tradition continues until today where the rusks are consumed on a daily basis and they are considered by Cretans an essential ingredient for their nutrition.

    Our delicious proposal combines respect to tradition with natural ingredients generously offered by the privileged Cretan land. A delicacy inspired by the Minoan Cretan Diet (2.500 BC). It contains extra virgin olive oil with antioxidant properties and Greek Feta Cheese PDO (a Protected Designation of Origin product), an exceptional calcium source, as well as sun-dried tomatoes that smell like summertime on a Greek island. It is a great flavor and taste combination directly from the Mediterranean cuisine. 

    Our tasty, crunchy barley rusks are very nutritious and an ideal source of energy. Rich in fibre, without trans Fat and no preservatives, are a necessary complement for a good Mediterranean Diet. Packed in hygienic plastic bags inside a beautiful paper packing which protects and keeps the products fresh and tasteful.

    Double-Baked, not fried rusks, are perfect for soups, salads etc. It is a modern suggestion for creative appetizers.


  • Ingredients:

    • Wheat flour, corn flour, 13% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 7% Sundried Tomato, 4% Feta Cheese P.D.O., salt, yeast, spices

    • Store in a cool and dry place.

  • The company applies system management of food safety, certified by TUV NORD with IFS (International Food Standard) in Higher Level Score.