Greek Traditional Black Corinthian Currants, Naturally Dried, Net Weight 450g.

Nuts n' Nuts

  • Greek Greek Traditional Black Corinthian Currants, Naturally Dried, Net Weight 450g (Pack of 5 x 90g) :

    NUTS 'N NUTS offers this exquisite product of high nutritional and gourmet value: dried Corinthian currant straight from Greek vineyards. The Corinthian stafidampelos yielding the currants is a self-sown Peloponnesian grapevine variety which has been around since antiquity. Its small, pearl-like grapes are of a dark, almost black, color and are deliciously sweet.

    The innovation introduced by the NUTS 'N NUTS is that the currants' drying stage is done all-naturally: The grape clusters are harvested one by one with extreme care. This all-natural process endows the currants produced with exceptional quality traits: a magnificent dark black color, a flesh that remains unchanged, a full body, an incomparable fruity burst of taste, and a unique aroma.

    Greek Black Corinthian Currants are a rich source of anti-oxidants and contain large amounts of vitamin C. They are known for their cancer-fighting and anti-microbial properties. Rich in minerals, the Corinthian currant is super-food indeed. Fold it in your yogurt or dot your ice cream scoop. Mix it with nuts or serve it as the center of attention in a cheese platter. Sweeten up and lend color to your green salads, or make it a staple ingredient of your cookies and cakes.

  • Ingredients: Black Corinthian Currants (May containtraces of tree nuts).    Keep it in a cool and dry place. Seal well after opening against outside air, preserving its freshness.  

    Nutritional values (per 100ml):

    • Energy: 1251Kj /299 kcal
    • Proteins: 3gr
    • Carbohydrate: 79gr
    • Salt: 0gr
    • Cholesterol: 0gr
    • Fat: 0.46gr
    • Fibre: 7mg
  • Nuts n' Nuts strives for exceptional quality. Our facilities comply with ISO 22000 that includes the HACCP standards (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).