Greek Premium Pistachio Nuts, Salted with Pink Himalayan Salt & Roasted with Fresh Lemon Juice, Net Weight 460g.

Nuts n' Nuts

  • Greek Premium Pistachio Nuts, Salted with Pink Himalayan Salt & Roasted with Fresh Lemon Juice, Net Weight 460g.  (Pack of 2 x 230g):

    Pistachios are classified as "superfoods", i.e. as food containing many beneficial to the health ingredients, and are hence considered a snack of high nutritional value. The pistachios are a valuable source of energy and they are rich in good monounsaturated fatty acids, fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant ingredients. Finally pistachios are one of the best sources of protein. And all this with just 159 calories per 28 gram serving!

    The Himalayan salt is rock salt formed naturally in the earth by mineral crystals. Millions of years ago crystallized sea salt layers were covered with lava and today have matured under the pressure of the earth's crust deep in the Himalayas. It is mined and rinsed by hand and naturally dried in the sun. It is considered pure, clean and untouched by toxins. The pink color indicates that it is rich in minerals, energy and iron and exhibits lower content of iodine. Stimulates metabolism and eliminates toxins. Fresh lemon juice replaces citric acid in the roasting process to make our new pistachios a 100% natural product.

    NUTS 'N NUTS offers Premium Quality Greek Nuts. We continue our family tradition of nuts cultivation, while following a modern business approach that redefines Greek nuts' aesthetic and quality.

    Greek land has a rich gastronomic heritage. Hot and dry summers, offer an ideal climate for the growth of nuts; giving our products high quality and unique taste. The premium packaging keeps the traditional natural colorings and preserves the freshness.

    Enjoy these exquisite and tasty pistachios on their own as a snack or as an accompaniment to a drink. Try them in a biscuit or cake recipe, sprinkle a handful in green salads and also try adding some to a herbal pesto sauce..

  • Ingredients: Pistachio Nuts, Himalayan Salt, Water, Lemon.    Keep it in a cool and dry place. Seal well after opening against outside air, preserving its freshness.  

    Nutritional values (per 100ml):

    • Energy: 2378Kj /568 kcal
    • Proteins: 21gr
    • Carbohydrate: 27gr
    • Salt: 3gr
    • Cholesterol: 0gr
    • Fat: 46gr
    • Polysaturates: 6gr
    • Fibre: 10mg
    • Sodium: 405mg
  • Nuts n' Nuts strives for exceptional quality. Our facilities comply with ISO 22000 that includes the HACCP standards (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). NUTS 'N NUTS Greek Nuts are winners of the British Great Taste Awards. A distinction that makes us proud and rewards our efforts.