Greek Pitted Green Olives from Chalkidiki Stuffed with Garlic 800gr


  • Simolive, Greek Pitted Green Olives from Chalkidiki, Stuffed with Garlic, 800gr (2 Vacuum-sealed Plastic Bags of 400gr each):

    These Green Olives from Chalkidiki, are world known for their very large size, their pure intense-green color and their excellent taste due to their high content of olive oil.  It is a Greek product of Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.). It is a natural product free of preservatives. 

    Olives, which are abundant in Greece because of the unique weather conditions, become, after some treatment, a valuable complement to our daily diet, and they also are a key element in Mediterranean diet.

    The helpfulness and usefulness of the olive fruit for the human body is very well known due to the rich nutrients. The average energy value of the olive is greater than other fruits and vegetables. The fruit of the olive, as offered on our table, contains oil, proteins, amino-sugars. Also minerals with biological value for the human body, such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and others. It is noteworthy that the content of olive in calcium is higher not only than that of fruit and vegetables, but also of meat, fish, bread, etc. It is equal to the calcium content in cow milk. Finally, olive is an important source of vitamin A, B & E.

    Olive is great to stimulate appetizing, strengthens and  benefits the body. According to nutritionists, every person, apart from other foods, should eat 80 g. of olives per day, because he receives calcium, vitamins and other nutrients, directly from olives.

    The process needed is proportional to the variety of olives, the degree of ripening, the taste of every person, etc. That process is being presumed as correct when the preserved olives maintain their good aroma, beautiful appearance and good taste.

    Reserved up to 20 days after opening in fridge, if placed in a liquid mixture of olive oil and vinegar, retaining its excellent taste and high nutritional value.

  • Ingredients:
    • Green Olives
    • Garlic
    • Lactic
    • Citreous
  • The company applies system management of food safety by ISO 22000:2005 of International Organization for Standardization QMSCERT.

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