Greek Kourabie with Whole Almonds and Butter, Handmade Traditional Shortbread Cookies Delights, 940g


  • Greek Kourabies with whole Almonds and Butter, Handmade Traditional Shortbread Cookies Delights, Net Weight 940g (Pack of 2 Carton Boxes of 470gr each) :

    The name Kourabies has its roots in the words kuru, which means dry, and biye, which means biscuit. It is considered to be a traditional Greek treat and a classic among all Greek home-baked goodies. It has rightfully earned the title of "happy treat" as it is always there to adorn and sweeten every joyous occasion, social gathering and holiday celebration.

    Many regions claim the origin of the recipe and every place has its own version, which it proudly passes on from generation to generation. But the recipe from N. Karvali, in Kavala (north Greece) consider to be the "authentic" one and it is certainly the most famous and widespread of all.

    A family recipe that has evolved from generation to generation to make the favorite traditional sweet treat of Christmas, our beloved butter cookie of everyday life! Lovies, made from pure Greek ingredients, with a soft texture and rich aromas, highlight the taste of the butter cookie in different combinations of fruits, honey, chocolate, almonds, hazelnuts……brandy or ouzo. Ideal for every feast and occasion, even for snacks. Light and delicious, the Lovies Greek Kourabies Handmade Traditional Butter Cookies Delights challenge you to try them out !!

    Seductive Greek butter cookies with excellent ingredients; picked almonds, silky icing sugar, and Vanilla. Pure Greek ingredients, no added preservatives.Their secret lies in simplicity and high quality clarified dairy butter mixed with delicious whole roasted almonds. Hence, they crumble and melt in the mouth, making an irresistible duo with a hot cup of Greek Coffee.


  • Ingredients:

    • Flour, Butter, Almonds 12%, Vanilla, Sugar, Soda, Vegetable fats.

    • Store in a cool and dry place.

  • The implementation of food safety management system ISO 22000:2005 / HACCP, ensure our high quality.

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