Greek Handmade Sweet Fruit Preserve in Syrup Black Cherry Net weight 760gr


  • Greek Handmade Sweet Fruit Preserve in Syrup Black Cherry, Net Weight 760gr, ( Pack of 2 Glass Jars of 380g each): 

    A traditional and delightful Greek custom is the offering of spoon sweets to guests as a symbol of hospitality. They are called spoon sweets because the usual serving size is a well-filled teaspoon. The ancient Greeks savored combinations of nuts and fruits with sweeteners like honey and petimezi (grape molasses). However, in the latter years, when sugar was more readily available, that syrupy preserves of fruit, rinds, nuts, and sometimes vegetables became well known and part of the Greek culinary experience.

    Our Black cherries are harvested by hands when firm (often slightly underripe) and made into spoon sweets. These sweets are made with simple, natural ingredients that transform them, using traditional handmade recipes, into something entirely new, exciting, and delicious.

    Black cherries in spoon sweets retains its original color, taste, and aroma. Are low in calories and provide fiber, vitamin C, minerals and melatonin to your diet. A serving of sweet cherries has no cholesterol and negligible amounts of fat.

    Our Greek handmade Black Cherry Spoon Sweets can be eaten in the traditional way and also used to top fresh fruit, in baked goods like cookies and cakes, and drizzled over ice cream and cheeses. Also are healthy confections, visually pleasing, distinctive, and extremely versatile. Offering them to guests is a wonderful tradition and a sign of "sweet" hospitality.

    Storage Instructions: Keep it in a cool and dry place. Keep refrigerated after opening for 6 months.

  • Ingredients :

      • Selected Greek Black Cherries,
      • Sugar,
      • Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Cultivation under the Integrated Management Crop system. Cultivation area: Pella ,from rich plains of Macedonia in north Greece

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