Greek Handmade Baklava with Chocolate & Syrup 900gr

Elati Pastry

  • Greek Handmade Baklava, with Chocolate & Syrup, Traditional Flavour - Rich Aromas, Net Weight 900gr (Pack of 2 trays of 450gr each):

    When it comes to a traditional favourite like Baklava, we believe that staying close to our roots is important. The ancient Mediterranean/Middle Eastern recipe has retained its popularity across the ages, providing sweet, delectable indulgence and a unique taste of Greece.


    Once considered a delicacy for the elite classes, Baklava is now enjoyed by millions for its rich taste and moreish texture. Believed to be of Assyrian origin, around the 8th century B.C., it is said that the Romans were one of the first to create this delicious dessert which has since spread to multiple cultures and civilizations.


    Our Greek Handmade Baklava with Chocolate & Syrup is made with layers of filo (phyllo) pastry, lightly bushed with butter and layered with rich, oozing chocolate. Once baked in the oven, the Baklava base is soaked in a rich, thick syrup to bring everything together in an unrivaled taste sensation.


    The ultimate dessert lovers dream, Greek Handmade Baklava with Chocolate and Syrup is a decadent treat that will satisfy all of your sweet taste buds. This traditional, handmade recipe includes neither added colourants or preservatives, staying true to its origins and naturally retaining those amazing Greek flavours.


    Pastry and chocolate are timeless companions, and the traditional layering process of the Baklava dessert accentuates this perfect combination. Smooth, sweet and heartwarming, this is a Greek favourite that never goes out of style. Finished with lashings of syrup to combine the flavours, Greek Handmade Baklava with Chocolate and Syrup captures the taste and texture of an age-old delicacy.

  • Ingredients:

    • Flour, Water, Starch Corn, Salt, Sugar, Serbian, Butter Milk, Vegetable Fats, Chocolate, Syrup.
  • The company applies Integrated Management System for quality certified production.

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