Greek Balsamic Vinegar made by Cretan dried grapes 500ml

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  • Elea Creta, Greek Balsamic Vinegar, 500 ml, (Pack of 2 glass bottles 250ml each) :

    Balsamic Vinegar. Whether it is for cooked meals, salads or grilled meats and vegetables, balsamic vinegar is a very important addition that enhances and highlights the flavors in your Greek cuisine without covering it, adding a variety of nutrients. 

    Balsamic differs from average vinegar, as the juice of the Greek Cretan dried grapes is subjected to a different treatment, shows its complexed flavors and acquires a distinctive syrupy texture, almost like candy, becasue of the long residence in a number of old wooden oak barrels . That process  created its' unique sweet and sour flavor, characteristic of its Greek Mediterranean legacy. Even the title "Balsamic" has the meaning of balsam, something that is thick, sour and aromatic.

    Our Greek Cretan Balsamic Vinegar, is  a natural product without any additional sweeteners, preservatives or colors. It contains only a few carbohydrates and has 88 calories (kcal) per 100gr. It contains concentrations of iron, calcium, sodium, manganese and magnesium. It has strong antioxidant activity, which has been proved by studies, that  balsamic vinegar is 4 times more antioxidant than fruits and vegetables! As a result, it constitutes a unique combination of excellent gastronomic flavor and high nutritional value

    On Greek Mediterranean diet we combine Balsamic Vinegar with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which make them ideal ingredients in recipes with meat or fish, fruits, cheese, pasta, in marinades and salads with raw or cooked vegetables. It provides a rich sweet and sour flavor and a unique velvet aroma in all foods in which it is being used.

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    • Wine Vinegar
    • Concentrated grape must


    • Elea Creta’s products are ISO 22000,   IFS and HACCP certified. They won the first prize on Germany’s Olìo Top 250 awards 2010 and have been recently awarded with London’s Great Taste Gold Award for 2012.

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